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Welcome to Minster Lovell Parish Council's website.  

We hope that both parishioners and visitors 

to the village will find this information useful.  If you 

would like to see any information included on the

website, then please contact the Clerk info@minsterlovell-pc.gov.uk


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Meeting Agendas - 8 September 2014

Meeting Minutes -

8 September 2014
Planning Applications - 8 September 2014
Village News -  11 August 2014
Council Information - 7 July 2014
Allotments 24 June 2014

Next meeting details:- 


Parish Council Meeting

Monday 15th September, 7.00pm

at St Kenelm's Hall.


Extra Parish Council Meeting

Thursday 4th September, 7.30pm

at the Methodist Church


Minster Lovell Bus Working Group Meeting

Thursday 11th September, 7.30pm

at the Methodist Church.


Meetings are usually held on the third Monday of every month. 

General Notices


Notifications received from RAF Brize Norton


I have been asked to let you know that there will be an increase in noise levels around the RAF Brize Norton area this week.


A widely publicised NATO Summit will be held in South Wales on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th September 2014. As a part of this summit a large number of NATO fast jet (fighter aircraft) will be conducting a flypast across South Wales on Friday morning. A practise flypast is scheduled for Wednesday morning.


For logistical reasons these aircraft will be based at RAF Brize Norton. The aircraft will be arriving today and tomorrow and the majority will be departing on Friday and Saturday. RAF Brize Norton Air Traffic Control will be proactive in minimising the disturbance to the local population during the duration of this visit.


Further information about the NATO Summit can be found at:




Further details about the flypast can be found at:




Kind regards


Dave Howell

LCWG Secretary




Notification of RAF Brize Norton Families Event 2014


I am writing to you to provide you with notification of an event that is being held at RAF Brize Norton on Saturday 6th September 2014.


The event is an all day family event taking place between 1200 and 2300 and will be located within RAF Brize Norton.  There will be live music taking place throughout the day up until approximately 2300, with the event closing with a firework display.


I hope that this forward notification of the event will provide you with the opportunity to inform your respective parishes of any potential disturbance to the local community.


Should you have any queries, please donít hesitate to contact me.  My contact details are shown at the top of this letter.

  Minster Lovell Bus Working Group Meetings

This section will be regularly updated as and when information is available.


5 September - Meeting agenda published.

Please note that although the Bus Working Group Meeting may be held in public, there will be no public participation session.


1 September - The Clerk has requested that McCracken & Son strim the areas around the A40 slip road bus stops as soon as possible.


28 August 2014 [Updated 1 September] - Letters of invitation for a meeting to be held on Thursday 11th September, 7.30pm at the Methodist Church have been sent to those listed below.  It is currently considered that although this will be a public meeting, there will not be a public participation session unlike usual Parish Council meetings. In the event that commercially sensitive information is likely to be discussed by Stagecoach, that part of the meeting will be excluded from the press and public.  A formal meeting agenda will be available in due course.


Trevor Bayliss, Stagecoach Oxfordshire. Confirmation of Stagecoach attendance received - attendee names to be advised.


Cllr Warwick Robinson, West Oxfordshire District Councillor. Attending.


Cllr Louise Chapman, Oxfordshire County Council. Awaiting advice.

Cllr Ian Hudspeth, Leader of Oxfordshire County Council. Unable to attend.

Cllr David Nimo Smith, Cabinet Member for Environment, Oxfordshire County Council. Unable to attend.


Mrs Dorothy Holloway - Minster Lovell resident. Attending.

Mrs Lisa Pittick - Minster Lovell resident. Attending.

Mrs Linda Bentley - Minster Lovell resident. Attending.


Minster Lovell Parish Council members:-.

Cllr David Haley, Chairman.  Attending.

Cllr Colin Alderman, Vice Chairman.  Attending.

Cllr Sue Bicker.  Attending.

Cllr Heather Newman.  Attending.

Cllr Tom Smith. Attending.

Cllr Chris Jones. Attending.

Cllr Jonathan Stowell. Unable to attend.

  Stagecoach is changing bus services for the Village with effect from Monday 27th July 2014. Please click on the links below for further information.

Summary of timetable changes

New S7 service

Revised S2 service

233 service

Additional services being provided with immediate effect:-

Service 233 from Stanmore Crescent at 6:37, Carterton Crossroads at 6:40, Minster Lovell, White Hart, at 6:50, Witney Market place at 6:57.

Service 233 from Minster Lovell, White Hart, at 7:35, Witney Market place at 7:46.

Service 233 from Minster Lovell, White Hart, at 8:40 Carterton Crossroads 8:50 via Broadshires.

Service 233 from Witney Market Place 19:08 to Minster Lovell, White Hart, at 19:15.

  Draft Local Plan for West Oxfordshire

Further consultation on the emerging West Oxfordshire Local Plan is due to take place shortly, with the consultation period provisionally set as being from Monday 28 July with the deadline for responses being Friday 19 September 2014.  its very important that residents take part in the consultation - please visit www.westoxon.gov.uk/draftlocalplan.

Have you ever wondered how long you will have to wait for the next bus?

With the clever help of satellite technology, bus users can track the location of local bus services and retrieve relevant data to their mobile phones.  Click here to download a self explanatory pdf leaflet Minster Lovell's bus stops are listed here.


Click on the logo for a local weather forecast.   


A new website full of information and health advice.



Flood Information

Flood information can be found on the following pages:-


West Oxfordshire District Council's webpage - Flooding

Oxfordshire County Council website - Flooding | Oxfordshire County Council

Environment Agency's website www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/floods/default.aspx



When there is an imminent risk of flooding, sandbags are given out free of charge. West Oxfordshire District Council will deliver sandbags to the elderly or disabled at times of need.

To arrange collection of ready-made sandbags from Witney call:

  • 01993 861000

In an emergency loose sand and bags are available for householders to make up themselves at the following neighbourhood sandbag centres:





Minster Lovell Parish Council is pleased to announce the publication of its new email newsletter service that aims to provide current important information, publicise village events and detail useful 'need to know' information.  If you would like to subscribe to the service or have a village event to be included, please contact the Clerk by clicking here.  

Useful Telephone Numbers


Repatriation of fallen
service personnel


A group of parishioners have organised repatriation assemblies at the south end of the village at the junction of the Brize Norton road and the A40 slip road.

Car parking is available at the Minster Lovell Scout Group car park. 

Contact has been made with the repatriation organizing group at Brize Norton so the cortege will slow down at the junction allowing the assembled people to pay their respects. Posters informing the Village of any forthcoming repatriation will be displayed at the Spar Shop and at the Post Office.

Anyone wishing to know details of repatriation can log on to:-

www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/content/repatriation-fallen-service-personnel and register for an email to be sent to them direct.



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