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Welcome to Minster Lovell Parish Council's website.  

We hope that both parishioners and visitors 

to the village will find this information useful.  If you 

would like to see any information included on the

website, then please email the Parish Clerk at info@minsterlovell-pc.gov.uk


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Meeting Agendas - 14th February 2018

Meeting Minutes -

27th January 2018
Village News -  5th December 2017
Council Information - 3rd January 2018
Planning Applications - 28th January 2018
Police - 24th August 2017


Next meeting details:- 


Parish Council Meeting

 Monday February 19th 2018, 7.30pm

St Kenelm's Hall, Brize Norton Road, Minster Lovell


Meetings are usually held on the third Monday of every month,

7.30pm at St Kenelm's Hall.

See Council Information page for 2018 meeting dates

General Notices

Robert Courts MP


His website, including his latest newsletter can be found at http://www.robertcourts.co.uk/home/.


Contact details:-


Telephone: 0207 219 5638

By email: robert@robertcourts.co.uk

By post: Robert Courts MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA


Dog Fouling

The Council has received further complaints of dog walkers not clearing up after their dog, specifically in Upper Crescent.  Please do not be irresponsible - this is an illegal act - clean it up!

Notice of Election - Statement of Persons Nominated


This is a great way to notify local authorities on problems that need fixing in your area.  Click here to be taken to the website.

New Flood Prevention website 


Minster Lovell Planning Policy Statement

West Oxfordshire District Council's (WODC) Local Plan 1997 contained a Planning Policy Statement for Minster Lovell which in more recent Local Plans, was not included.

Minster Lovell Parish Council wish to protect the Village from unwanted, large-scale development and has adopted a new Minster Lovell Planning Policy Statement.  It is anticipated this will provide some protection when WODC consider new planning applications and also provide guidance in the event of planning applications being approved. 

Document - Minster Lovell Planning Policy Statement


      IT IS A SCAM!

 Communication from Thames Valley Police


The young lads who go door to door, selling household products.

Often they have some form of ID which they display, but this is bogus.  They may also hand over a card saying they are deaf / dumb / just out of prison / in the process of being reformed and working towards a better life.

The bag of household products is supplied by the man who employs them.  We did have a man who lived in the Thames Valley area, who organised the local lads.  Traditionally they came from Nottingham – hence the name, but now, they are recruited from anywhere.

How does it work?

The lads are supplied with the full bag and charged a minimal sum for the contents – it used to be £35.  They can keep whatever they make, above this amount.

Usually they are deposited in an area from a Transit Van and given a list of streets to work.  An hour or so later they are picked up and dropped off, in another location.  They often work from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

They will knock on a door, offering cleaning items, they know to be rubbish, which the householder also knows to be rubbish.  That is part of the scam.  Many people will purchase items pay them something, just to go away. 

The price for whatever has been purchased usually comes to a note – usually £10.  The householder disappears to get this – this is when the scam begins – when the note is handed over, the lad examines the condition and how long it took the person to get it.  If it is crumpled, they accept it and move on.  If it is crisp flat and new – they are much more interested and may engage the person in more conversation, to obtain details about them.  As they leave they will smell the note.  If it is slightly musty – this is an indication that there is more in the property.  Those addresses are noted.  The addresses of elderly / vulnerable / gullible people are all noted.

These are handed to the employer and there is a small amount of cash handed over for each one

These addresses are then sold in prisons and pubs.  If there is a later break-in, the employer expects a further cut of the proceeds.

These lists are purchased by all sorts of people including – tarmaccers, tree workers, roofers, dodgy builders etc.

Once on a list, your address could be sold on and on.  Hence the repeat nature of these persistent callers.

In almost every case of a stop check – the lads have long strings of convictions, for burglary and violence.  They use the skills learnt during their criminal activity to identify possible targets.

N.B. If any salesperson comes to your door, we’d suggest you ask to see their Pedlar’s certificate - these are only issued to individuals under very strict conditions.

If they are in your area, please call us immediately on 101 with a description of them & any associated vehicle they may be using.

Thank you


Planning Application - Burford Road

Please note that a planning application has been received as follows:

Residential development of up to 85 dwellings together with a new vehicular access onto Burford Road (B4047), footpath links, areas of public open space. children's play area and landscaping.

Planning application ref: 16/02588/OUT  Click on the application reference to view the application on the District Council's website.

Location: Land west of Minster Lovell, south of Burford Road, Minster Lovell.

The Planning Officer's details are:  

Phil Shaw, West Oxfordshire District Council, Elmfield, New Yatt Road, Witney, Oxon.  OX28 1PB.  

Email phil.shaw@westoxon.gov.uk


Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Annual Return - 31 March 2016 

Financial Statements - 31 March 2016

Service 233

 Please click here to download the timetable.

Local Consultation 
Working Group

This is a link to RAF Brize Norton's Working Groups webpage (click here). 


The webpage contains agendas and minutes of recent meetings and Terms of Reference for the Local Consultation Working Group.


Click on the logo for a local weather forecast.   

Useful Contact Information

Click here to download

a copy of this information

Non Emergency Police - 101


NHS - Non-emergency - 111



Environment Agency:-

     Floodline - 0845 988 1188

     Incident Reporting - 0800 80 70 60

Met Office - http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/


Oxfordshire County Council - 01865 792422  www.oxfordshire.gov.uk

Oxfordshire County Council Highways - 0845 310 1111


West Oxfordshire District Council - 01993 861000  



Thames Water (burst pipes/leaks) - 0800 714 614 http://www.thameswater.co.uk/


Scottish & Southern Electric Power Distribution Emergency Line (power cuts) - 105



National Gas Emergencies (gas leaks) - 0800 111 999
Repatriation of fallen
service personnel


A group of parishioners have organised repatriation assemblies at the south end of the village at the junction of the Brize Norton road and the A40 slip road.

Car parking is available at the Minster Lovell Scout Group car park. 

Contact has been made with the repatriation organizing group at Brize Norton so the cortege will slow down at the junction allowing the assembled people to pay their respects. Posters informing the Village of any forthcoming repatriation will be displayed at the Spar Shop and at the Post Office.

Anyone wishing to know details of repatriation can log on to:-

www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/content/repatriation-fallen-service-personnel and register for an email to be sent to them direct.


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