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News from around our area - for more information on any of these items contact the Parish Clerk -

Temporary Road Closure at Minster Lovell, B4477 Brize Norton Road


Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) has issued a temporary Notice to close the B4477 Brize Norton Road at Minster Lovell. It will operate from 17 April 2023 up to and including 21 April 2023. This is a 24 hour road closure to facilitate drainage improvements to prevent flooding to property. Access will be maintained for emergency service vehicles and for those frontages within the closure area, subject to the progress of the works and liaison with the works supervisor. 
Further information from Simon Holloway (OCC) on 0345 310 11 11.
You now need photo ID to vote at a polling station.
From May 2023, individuals who wish to vote in person, including those acting as a proxy on behalf of another individual, will be required to produce an accepted form of photographic ID to prove their identity before they will be issued with a ballot paper. This is a national change implemented by the Government as part of the Elections Act 2022 which councils are required to follow when running elections.
This change will apply for the local elections taking place in the district on 4 May 2023. Go to West Oxfordshire District Council website to find out which forms of ID will be accepted. If you don’t have one of the accepted forms of ID you can apply for a free ID as long as you do it by 25 April.

West Oxfordshire District Council provides additional financial support to households not eligible for Government energy support
West Oxfordshire District Council has today written to 239 households across the district to inform them the Council will be providing additional financial support to them to help with the rising costs of energy bills.

Councillor Dan Levy, Cabinet Member for Finance, said, “When the Government ran their initial energy support payment scheme, some households including some of those living in park homes were not eligible to receive the financial support to help pay their energy bills. 

“We also know that some households on Universal Credit, and pensioners not receiving Pension Credit, are facing financial hardship so we are using surplus energy rebate funding to give them extra help.

“We are writing to all the eligible households to say we have credited their council tax account to help with their bills over the winter months.

“If residents don't want to use the money to pay their council tax they can contact us and we will refund the money to their bank.” 

People whose properties are registered for Council Tax and live in residential Park Homes where they are not responsible for their own electricity bills, and therefore not receiving the Government’s energy payment of £400, will receive a payment of £570. 

Residents in receipt of Universal Credit after 26 May 2022 will receive £650 while pensioners born after 26 September 1956 and not in receipt of Pension Credit will receive £575. 

Households eligible under more than one of these criteria will receive only the highest payment.

The discretionary scheme launched by the Council does not require residents to apply for the funding, they will automatically be credited with the funds in their council tax accounts and will receive a letter from West Oxfordshire District Council informing them of the payment. 

The money used to fund this scheme is surplus funding from the Government's Energy Bill Rebate Discretionary fund provided by the Government earlier this year.

Heading 6

Free food caddy liners

Most households in Oxfordshire already recycle their food waste using the weekly collection service provided by the district councils.

To help recycle the extra food waste that is created over the festive period or to help you start recycling your food waste residents can collect a free roll of food waste caddy liners from the following locations during December, while stocks last.
Oxfordshire libraries

Welch Way - Town Centre Shop, Witney

Priority Services from Thames Water


If you or someone you know needs a little extra support, perhaps because of their health, disability, age, or if they’re going through a difficult time in their life, Thames Water can help through their free priority services register.  Here is a list of the type of things they can help with:


Making it easier to read your bill

They can provide bills in braille, large print, on a coloured background or read it over the phone.


Contacting someone you trust

You can choose someone you trust to be their point of contact for you in an emergency. You can also ask to have someone with you if they visit.


Setting up a password

They can put extra security measures in place to make you feel as safe as possible if we ever visit. Learn more about protection from bogus callers on the Thames Water website Priority services | Help | Thames Water


Getting straight through

There’s a dedicated phone number for their priority services customers, where you’ll get straight through to someone.


Helping in an emergency

If your water goes off or a pipe bursts nearby, they’ll try to call to make sure you’re ok. 

If your water’s off and you can’t leave your house, they’ll deliver bottled water straight to your door, where they can, prioritising those who are dependent on water for medical needs.


Who can they help?

They can help if you:

  • can claim a pension

  • have a disability or serious illness

  • need a consistent supply of water for a medical condition

  • have a child under five

  • need translation or help to understand communications from us

  • have a condition that affects your life such as dementia

  • are blind, partially sighted, deaf, or hard of hearing

  • have a mental health condition

  • need extra support due to life-changing events like bereavement

Sign up for support

Just complete their online form. You’ll need your address and ideally your Thames Water account number if you have it.

Carers, friends or family can also complete the form on behalf of someone they think could benefit from extra support. Once you’ve signed up online, you’ll receive a letter welcoming you to the priority services register.

Updating your details

You can quickly update your details or leave the register online.

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